Business Goals for 2023

To reach 5000 Facebook Followers and 1000 Instagram Followers

My original facebook goal was 1000, but I reached that in a month, so we upped it just a little.

Have over 200 orders placed

This type of business is a relatively new venture for me, where before we always had larger orders of awards, have smaller more personal awards I feel this is a starting point.

Offer one Feed Scholarship

Showing as a kid was not an option for me, except one year my fiancé's dad let me break and show a heifer and one showmanship competition in college. Although I did as much as possible helping my fiancé for years with his steers, heifers, and pigs. While we want to eventually offer a scholarship for an animal, we will start with paying someones feed bill.

Set up as a vendor at 5 livestock shows.

We are not set up to travel to shows yet, so this may be a stretch, but we are going to try.

Advocate for Agriculture

There are only 2% of us in this world that are involved in agriculture, it is out job to show the world how important the industry is and how hard farmers, ranchers, vets, engineers, teachers, etc work to keep this industry going.

Thank y'all, Gracie